Two stories at the Silage conference in Bonn were about propylene glycol content of silage, and how that could be influenced by silage.

Lau et al. (2018) described that Lactobacillus Buchneri in relatively wet, sugar-rich pits led to substantially higher propylene glycol levels in grass pits Compared to Lactobacillus Plantarum and control treatment. Grass pits Waaaraan L. Buchneri was added contain CA 1.9 PG on DS basis while control pits and Pits with L. Plantarum do not contain more THAN 0.1 and 0.04 PG. See also showed a negative link between DS content and PG and a positive link between sugar content and PG.

Lau, Kramer, and Hummel (2018) described the influence of PG content of pits on BHBA in blood from dairy cows. PG content in pits was increased by use of L. Buchneri. In this test the grass with high PG content contained 3.89 PG and the grass with low PG 0.06. BHBA levels of cows that got the grass with high PG were substantially lower than from cows that got the grass with low PG content. The cows that received the grass with a lot of PG also produced more milk with higher protein content and lower fat content in the research period.

These results correspond to the results of Nishino et al. (2003), which found a substantieele increase of PG in cut corn by inoculation with L. Buchneri. It is well known that whether the feeding of propylene glycol is an effective way to counteract ketosis in fresh cows (Chung et al. (2009)), but interestingly enough is drenchen or top-dressing effective than interfering in the ration (Chung et al (2009)). The results of Lau et al. (2018) and Lau, Kramer, and Hummel (2018), however, make us think very differently about silage agents with L. Buchneri.


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